2011 ARB Xtreme Winch Challenge Series

After having competed in the Ateco Winch Challenge, and Rainforest International Challenge of Malaysia in 1998, David (MMM) Metcalfe began planning the first Xtreme Winch Challenge, and with a crew of volunteers conducted the first ARB Xtreme Winch Challenge in 1999.

2011 ARB Xtreme Winch Challenge Series has seen major changes to the ARB XWC Series. Special Stages have been varied with a major emphasis on safety. Stages have been designed to test Off Road Driving and Recovery Skills, first and foremost. The Special Stage results determine the place getters. Scoring is a combination of elapsed time less any penalties incurred by teams as specified in the competition rules.

Round 2 of ARB XWC is scheduled to take place from 24th – 26th June 2011. Please follow this link to get the detailed information of the event: ARB Xtreme Winch Challenge Round 2

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