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Difference between 4wd and 2wd

It is a common misconception that 4×4 means that all four wheels are turning at the same speed simultaneously. When a 4-wheel vehicle turns the outside tires spin faster than the inside tires. The differential in the axle will compensate for the further distance that the outside wheel travels than the inside one. The terms “4×4” and “4×2” refer to the setup of the driveline in vehicles, generally specific to light trucks. Cars are usually considered 2WD (Wheel Drive) or AWD (all-wheel drive).

4×4 (4WD)

4WD vehicle means there are 4 wheels total and 4 wheels that are driven. 4WD will have power supplied to all four wheels which gives a better driving ability in wet or slick conditions. 4WD is better traction in all conditions especially in hilly and muddy area. The term 4×4 (or 4WD) is usually reserved for off-road ready vehicles, which have been designed to be driven far off paved roads (but at the expense of some on-road capability). In operation, the typical 4×4 driveline connects the engine to the rear wheels through the transmission, and also connects the front wheels to the engine via the transmission and a transfer case. There are also a part time and full time 4WD, part time 4WD systems have to be used in 2WD mode on pavement, cement or other hard, sticky surfaces. They are designed to be engaged only in specific situations when you need extra traction and damage can occur if driven on hard surfaces whereas full time 4WD refers to a 4 wheel Drive system that can be operated at all times on all surfaces. Full-time 4-wheel-drive systems usually have the option of part-time operation so you can shift to 2WD while on cement or pavement. Full-Time 4WD systems do not always have the Hi and Lo speed ranges.

4 x 2 (2WD)

2WD are those kinds of vehicle that have two-wheel drive (2WD) with four wheels. 4×2 in a 2WD vehicle refers that there are 4 wheels total and 2 wheels that are driven. 2WD car will only have two of the four wheels supplied with power to drive, either front wheel drive or rear wheel drive but usually are the back wheels. In 2WD the front wheels turn at a certain rate and the rear wheels are dragged along for the ride. Both halves of the viscous coupling are spinning at the same speed so no torque is sent to the rear axle. Normally saloon cars are considered as a 2WD vehicle. These light vehicles are also considered as an All Wheel Drive (AWD). AWD is a full-time single-speed system that will supply power to all four wheels. Each system has a different front-to-rear power delivery ratio.

Hilux Turbo 4×4 in Pakistan

Toyota Hilux Turbo is very much a living legend. Its 2011 model is lifestyle vehicle of Toyota Indus Pakistan.  Toyota Hilux is well known for its part in the wars of our world, it is also called, the AK-47 of vehicles.

Anything and everything you want to do off road or on any adventure, is within reach with the Hilux Turbo. It is by all means, a desirable vehicle. And in Pakistan, when there is talked about Double Cabin, nobody has to tell that they are talking about the Hilux.

Hilux is also considered as the guard car in Pakistan as lords of our country often stuff their security guards into this double cabin vehicle, and Hilux gets a kick out of this repute as well because guards keep the toughest vehicles.

If you get a chance to ride in a Land Cruiser, a Prado and a Hilux Turbo on the same day, I am sure, you will give the full marks to Cruiser on pretty much everything, but you will be surprised with the performance of Toyota Hilux. It will be hard for you to place Prado above the dashing Hilux Turbo.

This 4×4 vehicle has mighty 2494 (cc), 2KD-FTV engine which guarantees maximum reliability. Interior is comfortable along with latest technological features which makes it an ultra luxurious vehicle. The best thing about Toyota Hilux is its majestic exterior design which easily attracts the attention of others. Overall this elegant vehicle is one of the best 4×4 vehicles available in Pakistan car market.

4×4 Automatic Vs Manual Transmission

People have their own opinions when they buying a 4×4 vehicle are weather to buy manual or automatic transmission 4×4 vehicles. Some people like manual transmission while others like automatic transmission. The automatic transmission will shift gears automatically according to the speed of the drive shaft and the engine rpm, a manual transmission will shift gears according to the input of the driver. Both are good for many reasons and both have their own quirks and idiosyncrasies.

Manual Transmission

  • They are lighter and are mechanically simpler, leading to greater ease of repair and lower costs.
  • Unlike torque converters, every bit of power you send through the clutch winds up in your transmission instead of being wasted mixing and heating up transmission fluid.
  • Manual transmission allows for better control of the car and you do not have to worry about an unwanted downshift causing wheel spin and loss of control in low-traction conditions.
  • Manual transmission vehicle is relatively difficult to drive but it consuming 5 to 10 percent less fuel than Automatic transmission.
  • 4×4 Manual transmission gives you more freedom when it comes to manipulate on steep hills or curves.
  • Manual transmission has better acceleration capacity and lower maintenance cost than Automatic transmission.

Automatic Transmission

  • Automatic transmissions are easier to operate. Even in traffic jam this is a big plus. Manuals are generally more tiring to drive in traffic, because of the need to use the clutch pedal.
  • It automatically shifts to the ideal gear when going uphill. This helps the driver to concentrate on the road instead to think about gears.
  • With new options like manumatic transmissions, automatics may finally be gaining on manuals, combining ease of use with power.
  • Automatic cars have a torque converter which make automatic vehicle more efficient than manual transmission.
  • A planetary gear set is used by standard automatics which make automatic transmissions are more powerful than manual transmission.


How to shoot 4×4 vehicles?

Tips for taking Best Pictures when 4×4 Enthusiasts show their Toys

4wd Events or adventures where 4×4 enthusiasts experience their vehicles are great places for photographing rare or unusual 4×4 vehicles. Often owners hide them in garages and only take them out on special occasion.

Here are a few pointers that can help make the most of the opportunities with your digital camera.


Polarizing Filter

If your camera allows the use of filters, buy a polarizing filter. A polarizer is quite an essential tool that minimizes glare and reflections, increases color saturation, and can improve contrast. To adjust different angles of reflected light, the polarizer contains a special glass element which is rotated to produce the desire amount of glare reduction to suit every situation.

By using a polarizing filter, you can control the reflections, and take the pics of the scenes / actions / events that we don’t see everyday.


Wide Angle Lenses

There are normally many participants at a good enthusiasts’ 4×4 event. To accommodate the numbers of participants organizers tend to park all the 4x4s close together, which makes photography of individual vehilces difficult.

The use of a wide-angle lens helps the photographers to get different perspectives by getting close to a vehicle. As the focal length gets shorter, there may be a bit distortion of perspective. However, this may emphasize of vehicles’ shapes. In this way, this technique really helps to make the vehicle jump out of the frame.

A wide angle lens is also helpful at those concours events, where there is not a lot of room to maneuver, and you want to get close to the 4×4 vehicle to eliminate people and other distractions.


Explore all angles:

Explore all the angles and think from what angle you may get the good, dramatic action shot. A single great shot is much better than hundreds of mediocre shots.




Having enough light is a problem even serious professional contend with all the time. Natural light is always better to take a picture; try to make a right-angled triangle between your camera, the vehicle and the sun to bring out contrast, depth and shadow.






Shutter Speed:

4×4 Vehicles give us the thrill and sensation of speed. Keep your camera’s shutter speed enough to capture the actions.

Tips for Off Road Driving – Rain Forests


To drive Off road especially in rain forests, noboday can escape from riding through a deep mud or sand. Following are some points that will help to drive off road:

  • Remember to deflate a bit the 4×4 tires before riding through the deep mud or sand. It will increase the tire’s footprint and provide better Grip. Deflated tires will also decrease the ground clearance. Before going on the road again, re-inflate tires of vehicle.
  • Use a constant momentum to move vehicle through. Keep speed up and use higher gears. Don’t spin the tires, and don’t stop till your vehicle is out of the deep mud or sand. If wheels begin to spin, ease off the throttle just a bit and allow the tires to slow down and regain the friction.
  • If vehicle lose the grip and is just hardly moving then quickly turn the steering wheel from side to side to allow the front tires to find more traction.
  • If too much muddy conditions force you to drive your 4×4 in the ruts, always keep in mind where your front wheels are pointed. 4×4 will follow the ruts, even if you turn the steering wheel from lock to lock quickly. If you encounter a dry spot with the wheels turned, then the front wheels can regain the grip and quickly throw the 4×4 out of the ruts, causing a loss of control and possible damage to the vehicle.

Know About 4×4’s

A 4×4 is a vehicle where all four of the wheels are driven by the engine, instead of just two. 2WD means that only the 2 rear tyres move when the transmission is engaged and FWD means that only the front of the vehicle’s tyres move when transmission is engaged.

4×4 vehicles are pros at handling demanding and rough terrain, and that is the number one reason why they are bought. It performs better than most vehicles on tough terrains because of the torque that is sent to all four wheels, giving it better traction and control. The benefits of driving a 4-by-4 vehicle will be determined by your living area: unless you are an outdoor person living in the city and taking the family on a camping trip over weekends, it is useless getting a SUV. If you live on a farm, however, getting a 4-by-4 is perfect simply because it is driving a normal, light weight vehicle on dusty, dirty farm roads is not an option.

A light weight, small, city car will cost you less than what a FWD SUV will cost you, for obvious reasons, so make sure that your budget allows a monthly installment of the car you want before purchasing; you don’t want to enter a difficult financial situation. The features of a vehicle like a 4-by-4 will also increase your car insurance policy premium considerably, seeing that they are often used to climb up small hills, so make sure of your premium increase first. These vehicles are also used as Rally cars due to their great safety and stability features.

Also look at the area you live in before purchasing a 4×4. It is unusual to pay more money for something that you will barely use. You might as well save the money and buy something cheaper that gives you the same performance and are used for the same things. If you live on a farm, however, an SUV or FWD vehicle will be the best choice.

Why we always prefer 4×4 vehicles for Hilly Areas

The first thing for which we all prefer 4×4 vehicles in hilly areas, highways or in deserts is just because of their qualities of durability, strength and the exceptional power. 4×4 vehicles prove worthy in rugged terrain, where normally a motor vehicle would have to cut a sorry figure. 4×4 vehicles proof valuable when we residing in hilly areas. 4×4 vehicles give us the appropriate companionship in the rugged terrain of the mountains and will make our journey safely while reaching our destination. While we make our journey in the uphill gradient, we always face a problem of a frequent gear change but in 4×4 we do not have to engage the extra gear attachment, it will be smooth going up.  

4×4 tires are specially prepared to negotiate all weather condition roads so that we can pass through the muddy roads as swiftly as we pass through snowy paths to reach our objectives. These tires are designed to face all the hurdles in hilly and muddy area. Similarly the suspension of 4×4 vehicles is designed in such a way that it could easily going up to the steep mountains. 

Which 4×4 vehicle is best?


Most 4×4 enthusiasts have a very hard choice which 4wd is good for them. Many 4wd Manufacturing Companies will advertise their vehicles that they manufacture best vehicles in the market.

In my opinion, the best 4×4 vehicle is the one that suits the buyer. I think, the most important is, reliabilitiy and affordablitiy of the vehicle, availability of the spare-parts in the market, easiness to maintain and How the buyer wants 4wd to work, is it for daily use or just for off road vehicles.

Pointers To Buying A Used 4×4 Vehicle

Before deciding to invest your hard earned money in buying a used four wheel drive(4×4) there are certain things that you must keep in mind:

  1. Before buying a used 4×4 vehicle you must go through some online 4×4 vehicle resources and reviews. This will be help you to get some useful information about the vehicle that you intend to buy. Try to find out if the 4×4 is reliable or not.
  2. You must find out if the used vehicle will need any sort of repair or not. If the exterior of the 4×4 vehicle needs some repairs then you may get it done without any by investing some extra money but if the machine or engine such as Four Wheel Drive System is not properly functioning or it needs repair then buying this vehicle will cost you alot.
  3. It is essential to know about the fuel economy of the used vehicle. Usually used vehicles give a reduced fuel economy as compared to new.
  4. Find out if you are getting good insurance rate on the car or not.
  5. Find an experienced automobile mechanic and get the vehicle properly checked by him. A motor mechanic is just like a doctor to the cars, who will be able to tell you about the real features and facts of the vehicle.
  6. Finally go for that 4×4 vehicle which suits your budget well, do not hesitate to bargain as you are about to buy a used vehicle and not new.

4×4 Maintenance Tips

Maintenance of a 4×4 vehicle is not a child’s play as it requires a considerable amount of care and efforts. There are number of things that must be kept in mind to ensure a full-proof care of your 4×4 vehicle. There are tips which will enhance your car’s life and performance.


Checking Engine Oil:

Use the engine oil dipstick for checking the condition of engine oil. First, stop the engine and let it cool down for a few minutes. Now, pull the oil-dipstick out and wipe it clean with the help of clear rag of paper towel. Insert the dipstick back in its place and pull it back. Check the level and condition of the oil. If the oil is too black, than it’s time to change it.

Checking Fluids:

There are a number of fluids that should be checked and maintained over a period of time.

• Transmission Fluid: First of all move your 4×4 to a leveled surface and apply the parking brake. Read the 4×4 manual for finding the location of transmission dipstick in your car. Then repeat the same process that followed at  the time of engine oil change for checking the transmission fluid level. Top-up the fluid level if required. Also, if the fluid comes too dirty or black than change it with the new one.
• Engine Coolant: Follow the same process for checking the level of coolant and top it up if required.

Tyre Pressure:

Get the tyre pressure regularly as it plays an important role in fuel consumption of a 4×4. According to an estimate, low tyre pressure can enhance the fuel consumption in your 4×4 as much as 10 percent.

4×4 Brakes

Brakes are, of course, the most vital safety component of a 4×4. And it is mandatory for your own security that you keep the brakes of your 4×4 in best condition. Break problems do not rise to a serious level suddenly. Most brake problems develop gradually and if the system is detected properly, these can be detected before they become serious.




4×4 Gears

Gear system forms an important component of a 4×4 and thus, requires proper handling and attention on your part. Since they help you maintain the speed of your 4×4; you cannot afford to misuse the gears. While changing the gears, it is very important that clutch should be completely pressed.



Clean Air Filter

You will be surprised with the result of such thing. Clean your filter or replace it if necessary and enjoy the better combustion mixture that will produce higher power.

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