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Jhal Magsi Desert Challenge Jeep Rally:
Jhal Magsi Desert Challnge is the brand ambassador of motorsports in Pakistan. It began its journey in 2005 by indulging all the brains and expertise together and organized its first annual motorsport event. Its prime and best terrain is no other then the new emerging global commercial hub “GWADAR”. The motive behind “jhal magsi desert chlange rally ” is to promote motorsports professionally by bringing in the billion dollar industry and at the same time highlighting tourism, which creates a soft image of Pakistan to the international community.

Cholistan Desert Jeep Rally
Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab’s Cholistan Jeep Rally event began in the majestic desert of Cholistan, in the year 2005, with a view to promote southern Punjab as a winter tourist destination, and a way to introduce motor sports in Pakistan.

Cholistan is locally known as Rohi. This famous desert is 30 Km from Bahawalpur, and comprises an area of approximately 16,000, which extends up to the Thar Desert, and over to Sindh. Camel and Jeep Safaris and Tours in the Cholistan Desert give tourists the opportunity to learn and experience a nomadic life and culture having experienced guides and modern facilities at their disposal. The Jeep Rally affords an opportunity to visit Derawar Fort the most famous among the many ancient forts that are located in the Cholistan Desert.

Karting Championship
First Organizer in August 2008 in Lahore by the Racing Pakistan, the championship has developed proper infrastructure for motorsports in Pakistan and laid down the foundations within organized approach.
After the resounding success of Super Challenge Karting Championship last year Racing Pakistan returned with bigger and better approach and found Bank Alfalah as its major patron. The Bank has continuously invested in the development of motorsport in Pakistan and is the single largest sponsor from the financial sector towards sports and the largest sponsor in the country for Motorsports.

Vintage Classic Car Rally
For the first time in the city, a Vintage Car Rally was held on 4th April, 2011. The even was organized by Vintage & Classic Car Club of Pakistan (VCCCP) in cooperation with the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), as part of its ongoing Lahore Shopping Festival. The purpose of this car rally is to create awareness amongst the young generation about classic car models.

Drag Racing Event
Drag racing is a competition in which vehicles compete to be the first to cross a set finish line, usually from a standing start, and in a straight line. First gaining popularity in the USA after World War II, the sport steadily grew in popularity and spread across the globe. By 2009, there were hundreds of drags trips in operation, mainly in developed countries.
For the first time in Pakistan, AutoTrade which is perofrming business in Dubai, took initiative to start this thrilling sport on National Level. The purpose of this even is to provide entertainment to people, which they have never seen before. Over Forty Drivers across Pakistan with their ultimate driving machines took part in the first National Drag Race Champion.

TDCP Drag Car Race Lahore
Lahore has great tourism potential and can play pivotal role in reviving the tourism industry. TDCP is organizes an event of “Drag Car Race” in Lahore to provide entertainment to people, which they have never seen before.

Sindh Desert Challenge 2011

Sind Desert Challenge 2011

Jhal Rally 2010

Jhal Rally 2010

Mud Rally in Pakistan

Mud Rally in Pakistan

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