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The FIA World Rally Championship (WRC)

The FIA World Rally Championship is operated and controlled by the Federation International Automobile (FIA). The WRC is regarded as the most challenging motorsport competition in the world.  This competition runs in a series of 3 to 4 days event. In this competition each rally is split into a number of special stages which are run on closed roads. Drivers cover these stages on one car at a time in an effort to complete them in the shortest time.  This event almost runs throughout the year in different countries in the world like in February it was in Sweden, in March it was in Mexico.

Now the upcoming Rally of WRC will be at d’Italia Sardegna on 5 to 8 May 2011.


Rainforest Challenge (RFC) – Malaysia

Extraordinary off-road 4×4 adventurers in an extraordinary event held in an extraordinary season – the monsoon; the Rainforest Challenge (RFC) has been running for the past 9 years in Malaysia. It is one of the toughest 4×4 events and one of it’s kind in the world. From it’s debut in November 1997, the event has also progressed to become the “world’s most internationally represented 4×4 event” with annual participation from over 25 countries. The RFC is an adventure event with competitive Special Stages (SS) along the way. It is a tough event for the serious 4×4 enthusiasts, who love the dream of taking on a jungle adventure with all its hardship, endurance and extremities. The sweat, the mud, the rain soaked jungle, the humidity, the insects, the creatures of the night, the fellowship of men/women, the teamwork, the camaraderie, swollen, muddy rivers and monsoon are all there for you to experience. On top of all these, you will also get to enjoy Malaysian hospitality.

The 2011 Rainforest Challenge will held from 3 to 12, December 2011 in Malaysia.


Taprobana 4×4 Challenge

The challenge is organized by The Four wheel Drive Club (FWDC) and will bring together international 4X4 competitors.  Sri Lanka Tourism is proud to play the role of a sponsor for the event and will market the event internationally.

The Taprobana 4×4 Challenge 2011 event schedule is from the 7th October 2011 to 14th October 2011.


Dresden Breslau Rally

The Breslau rally is regarded as the last adventure rally of Europe and is the only great motor sport event for professionals and amateurs from the off-road and all-wheel scene in the European room. The ambitious teams compete in the categories of motorcycles, quads, off-road cars and trucks. The stages of up to 500 km challenge all powers from the participants so that at the end the best stand on the podium.

This adventure rally will be started on 24-6-2011 and ended on 02-7-2011.



The Caucasian Challenge

The Caucasian Challenge is a minimal assistance motor rally. Anything like cars, trucks or mopeds is ok for this adventurous race. We will journey through Hungary, Bosnia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, Greece, Turkey, Georgia, Nagorno Karabakh and Armenia. The finish line is in Yerevan, the magnificent capital of Armenia. The purpose of this challenge is to go outside the usual vacation spots and leave the safety of our normal lives behind to do what all great explorers have done. This challenge starts on 15-08-2011 and will be ended on 31-08-2011.

Australian Outback 4×4 Extreme

This 4×4 Extreme event is organized by the two national companies of Australia Legacy and Rotary. The purpose of this event is to provide both competitors and spectators with the best possible value for money available in Australian 4×4 competitions today. The winner of this competition will receive $37,500 cash prize money that will set a new standard for any 4×4 competitions.

This Extreme competition is set to run from 07-May-2011 to 13-May-2011 at Broken Hill NSW Australia.



Ironman 4×4 Adventure Challenge

This challenge is sponsored by Ironman 4×4. It is going to be a seven days racing competition that provides you a forum to drive your 4×4 vehicles with full passion and desires. This 4×4 Adventure challenge will be held at WA town of Esperance and will covered the area of 5 million acres for this 4×4 Adventure competition.

This challenge will run from 20-june-2011 to 26-june-2011. It is an endurance event, where you will need to carry all your food, spares and equipment.



outback 4×4 challenge

The Outback 4×4 Challenge has been running for more than 10 years as Australia’s Premier 4wd Event. In May 2009 the format was revamped where competitors now all travel together and compete on each of the properties together and was a huge success.

Event first run in 1999 and held in Broken Hill up to and including 2010. The event is now held every 2 years in different locations.


Rainforest Challenge (RFC) 2010 - Malaysia


WRC Jordan Rally 2011

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