Daihatsu Motor Company Ltd is the oldest Japanese manufacturer of cars, known mostly for its smaller models and off-road vehicles. Many of its models are also known as kei cars in Japan. Its headquarters are located in Ikeda, Osaka Prefecture.

Daihatsu was formed in 1951 as successor organization to Hatsudoki and, by the 1960s, had started exporting cars to Europe, although it did not enjoy any major sales success until well into the 1980s. Since 1992 in North America, it has been common for Toyota to distribute Daihatsu models.

In January 2011, Daihatsu announced it would pull out of Europe by 2013, citing the persistently strong yen which makes it difficult to turn a profit from its export business. Daihatsu’s sales in Europe had plummeted from 58,000 in 2007 before the financial crisis, to 19,000 in 2010.

In Pakistan Daihatsu is very much famous in small cars like Cuore and Charade. In 4×4 only Terios Kid introduced by Daihatsu in Pakistan. Although when recondition cars open in Pakistan four to five years earlier only Terios Kid was introduced by Daihatsu in 4×4 vehicles with many other 2WD vehicles like Mira, Storia etc.

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