Toyota Hilux

Hilux is a compact utility pickup truck produced since 1968. Just like other Toyota brands, since its introduction four decades ago, its evolution has not stopped. It is justified if said that Hilux has mastered & God fathered the pickup truck category with implementation of continuous research. The Hilux is renowned for its supreme & sturdy reliability characteristics. The engineering that makes up the Hilux is simple & easy to understand yet it incorporates the research of very latest technology & this fact takes the Hilux ahead of any other counterpart. Many components of the vehicle are easily modified of replaced if necessary to suit the terrain it is desired to be used on, without changing the drive characteristics of the vehicle.

Globally the Hilux is available in multiple engine configurations, in accordance to the respective regions customer & market needs.  Engines of the Hilux are fitted with a turbo charger or a combination of intercooler & turbo charger to enhance the performance & encounter the lack of air in higher altitudes.

Anything and everything you want to do is within reach with the Toyota Hilux. Versatility is the hallmark of the Toyota Hilux from dedicated focus on the task in hand to relentless pursuit of leisure time. Hilux is a byword for freedom, as wide-ranging as your most distant horizons.



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