Toyota Hilux Surf

The Toyota Hilux Surf is an off-road vehicle manufactured by Toyota, sold mainly in Japan, with large numbers exported as used vehicles to Pakistan, Afghanistan, United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia. The original Surf was little more than a Toyota Hilux pickup truck with a fiberglass shell over the bed, but the model has since undergone significant independent development into a mid-size, off-road vehicle.

The Hilux Surf is sold outside Japan, primarily in the United States and Australia, as the Toyota 4Runner. The second generation models were also briefly marketed in the United Kingdom as the Toyota 4Runner. The lines were penned by principal Toyota designer Ian Harold Brown. The first run of Hilux Surf models were built at Toyota’s plant in Tahara, Japan, but starting with the third generation models production was split between both the Tahara plant and Hino Motors’ Hamura, Japan plant.

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