Recovery Equipment

Recovery Straps

When the only thing preventing your vehicle from imminent danger is a narrow strip of fabric, nothing but the best will do. Carrying this, 4WDing will give you extra peace of mind. Even if you can’t extract yourself from a tricky situation, a fellow 4WDer will probably be able to help out if you have the right equipment.


Snatch Blocks

An ARB snatch block is an incredibly useful piece of recovery equipment that greatly increases the versatility of either a vehicle mounted or portable winch. It enables you to retrieve loads that are double a winch’s capacity by reducing the load on the winch by half, and facilitates winching from varying angles when straight ahead isn’t the best option.

Recovery Damper

Winch cable dampers are a must when winching, and are also useful on strap based recoveries. If the cable snaps or breaks, the damper will slow the recoil effect, and the cable/strap will drop to the ground quickly.

Recovery Kits & Bags

Recovery Bag, 100% water resistant, reinforced webbing taped seams, fitted with rubber base for durability and reflective tape trim for safety. There are two sizes available with the large style bag designed to fit a complete recovery kit.

Hi-Lift Jacks

The Hi-Lift jack has become a staple recovery item amongst four wheelers all over the world. With over 100 years of quality, the Hi-Lift Jack is a rugged, highly versatile jack that puts you in command of situations requiring lifting, pushing, pulling, winching, and clamping. Although light in weight and easy to maneuver, the Hi-Lift Jack offers a rated capacity of 4,660 lbs (2114 kg) and a tested capacity of 7,000 lbs (3175 kg).

Only Hi-Lift Jacks are made with a two-piece handle and socket design that is built for extended life. Cheaper imitations use a one-piece design that bends easily if lateral pressure is applied while lifting a load.

X-Jack Exhaust Jack

Particularly well suited to use in sand, mud and snow, and with a lifting capacity of 8800lb, the exhaust operated X-Jack is an invaluable recovery tool, providing up to 31″ of vehicle lift. Simple to use and highly efficient, with no complicated moving parts to jam or seize. It features a reliable 1 way valve at the end of the hose, which will keep the bag inflated for hours. It is great to lift your vehicle out of a hole when it’s up to the axels. Comes as a complete kit including two protective mats to prevent puncturing the bag, a pair of work gloves to keep your hands clean and protected, a puncture repair kit incase the bag is pierced, laminated operating instructions and a handy carry bag in which you can store everything.

Hand Winches

The Magnum hand winch offers the outstanding performance and reliability you’d expect from ARB with an extremely competitive price. Exclusive to ARB, it has a lifting capacity of 3,500lb and a pulling capacity of 5,300lb. Compact and lightweight, the Magnum is also extremely durable – it’s built using high quality steel and aluminum components. Being portable, it’s also versatile, and can be attached to your vehicle from any side, providing suitable recovery points are available.

The Magnum hand winch uses a system where wire rope is pulled through the unit propelled by two interlocking jaws. The jaws pull the cable when in the forward winching mode and also act as an automatic brake. The jaws are self locking with grip increasing with the load.

Other Essentials

  • Portable Rescue Tree
  • Terra Firma
  • Recovery Suit
  • Plasma Rope
  • Bushranger X Trax II
  • Drag Chain
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