Berkshire 4X4 Motor Show 2011

Saturday 20th August and Sunday 21st August 2011

The Berkshire 4×4 Show is getting bigger each year and raising funds for various charities along the way. This event is open to the Steam Engines, 4×4 Clubs, Classic Car Clubs, Car Clubs, Rally Cars or any type of 4×4 Bikes, Trucks and Custom Vehicles.

The 2011 Berkshire 4×4 show has been organized to raise funds for the charity Starlight, for those children who are terminally ill, and to give some of those children their wishes while they are able to.

More information can be found on Berkshire 4×4 show website.

Autoglass 2020 Vision: Windshield of the future vehicles

Autoglass Company has thrown together this video demo of what it believes windshields of future vehicles will be like in 2020. This video clip shows what that windshield might look like from the driver’s seat. The 2020 windshield will offer intelligent location-based services that can hunt down pedestrians, gas stations and cyclists and also warns of speed cameras, pedestrians and an arrow even points to potential destinations.




Apparently, the futuristic, king-of-all-head-up-displays is not smart enough to know that the vehicle is driving on the wrong side of the road. There are also few distracting landmark indicators, along with links to the sound system of the vehicle to let you know what music you are listening to. As the Autoglass specializes in repairs of vehicles’ most important piece of glass (windshield) so there will be a hook into your mobile so that, in case of any damage to the vehicle, the windshield can automatically get alert a technician and tell them vehicle’s location.
In which vehicle you would like to watch the windshield of 2020 in action!

2011 Ford Expedition

With advanced suspension technology and powerful 5.4-liter V8 engine, the 2011 Ford Expedition can ride on any terrains, whether on-road or off-road. From braking to control each aspect of this full-size sport-utility vehicle has been designed to ensure the high performance of the vehicle on even terrains.

Among 8 spacious models of this luxury SUV, the EL XL level is the lowest that offers features such as four wheel drive system, Electronic Stability Control, airbags and sound system. The most luxurious model of the Ford Expedition is El King Ranch which builds on almost everything and you can buy it without further customization.

Along with comfortable interior and brawny performance capabilities, the Ford Expedition offers plenty of standard safety features in its every model. All Expedition models come standard with Ford’s MyKey system which enables the buyers to set different driving parameters for different keys. Some sumptuous accident features are also included such as AdvanceTrac electronic stability control system with Roll Stability Control (RSC), including standard Trailer Sway Control that uses the existing stability control sensors to detect trailer sway and takes corrective measures to assist in bringing both the vehicle and the trailer under control.

2011 China International Rain Forest Challenge (CIRFC)

Summer is near and its time to head out for some outdoor recreational activities. So get ready to roll into action this year’s China International Rain Forest Challenge (CIRFC) aka the Summer RFC in Sanya, Hainan, China’s International Tourism Island. To be held from 18 to 24 August, this event brings in participants, media and supporters from Europe to Asia and provides a great opportunity to exchange 4wd experiences.

The first edition of CIRFC was held in 2009 in Sanya. Unique off-road attraction of this adventure and sports tourism event has made it world’s most famous 4×4 event in collaboration with the world’s most internationally delineated and recognized 4×4 event – the Rainforest Challenge (RFC) of Malaysia.

Please follow this link to get detailed information of the event : China International Rain Forest Challenge (CIRFC)

2011 ARB Xtreme Winch Challenge Series

After having competed in the Ateco Winch Challenge, and Rainforest International Challenge of Malaysia in 1998, David (MMM) Metcalfe began planning the first Xtreme Winch Challenge, and with a crew of volunteers conducted the first ARB Xtreme Winch Challenge in 1999.

2011 ARB Xtreme Winch Challenge Series has seen major changes to the ARB XWC Series. Special Stages have been varied with a major emphasis on safety. Stages have been designed to test Off Road Driving and Recovery Skills, first and foremost. The Special Stage results determine the place getters. Scoring is a combination of elapsed time less any penalties incurred by teams as specified in the competition rules.

Round 2 of ARB XWC is scheduled to take place from 24th – 26th June 2011. Please follow this link to get the detailed information of the event: ARB Xtreme Winch Challenge Round 2

Japanese company Genepax unveals Water Fueled Car

Tired of Pumping expensive gasoline into your car?? Well one Japanese company Genepax has unvealed a car that runs on water in the western japanese city of Osaka. Using the company’s generating system, water is converted into electrical power. All you need is a litre of water – any kind of water to be exact, whether its river, rain, sea water or even japanese tea. It is said that it’s an electric powered car that runs solely on Hydrogen Dioxide


Chief Executive officer of Genepax Kiyoshi Hirasawa said, “ the main characteristic of this car is that no external input is needed. The car will continue to run as long as you have bottle of water to add in the car from time to time.”

According to Japanese broadcaster T.V Tokyo, once the water is poured into a water tank at the back of the car, the newely invented energy generator takes out the hydrogen from the water, releases electrons and finally generates electrical power.

“we highly recommend our system, since it does not require you to build up an infrastructure to recharge your batteries which is usually the case for most of the electric cars” said CEO Hirasawa.

According to Genepax, one litre of water keeps the car running for about an hour with a speed of 80 kilometers or 50 miles an hour. The company has just applied for a patent and is hoping to collaborate with japanese automobile manufacturers to mass manufacture their invention in the very near future.

2011 BMW X3

With excellent all-road capabilities, the all-new 2011 BMW X3 delivers pleasing driving experience. Although it looks like a crossover sports utility vehicle (SUV) but it actually is not what it looks like. It’s a versatile Sport Activity Vehicle (SAV) rather than a SUV as it offers a ride smooth enough to satisfy the strictest critics, and all the latest drivetrain and chassis technologies. It gives sports vehicle like performance and handling.

In 2011, the new X3 enters its second generation. It builds on almost everything that made it BMW’s top-selling Sport Utility Vehicle. It’s 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder engine is paired to the eight-speed automatic transmission and delivers 240 horse power. Along with more luxurious interior, the X3 offers a long list of standard convenient features such as added interior space for rear passengers, leatherette upholstery, dual-zone automatic climate control, HD radio, Bluetooth wireless connectivity and BMW’s iDrive system.

This luxury SUV possesses sumptuous accident avoidance features like xDrive intelligent all-wheel drive system, Dynamic Stability Control with rollover sensor, and Hill Descent Control combine to offer excellent handling, traction and stability for a wide variety of terrain conditions. Some other safety features such as a anti-lock disc braking system, air-bags, active front head restraints, run flat tires and a new security system have also been added to enhance the safety of the vehicle.

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