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Japanese company Genepax unveals Water Fueled Car

Tired of Pumping expensive gasoline into your car?? Well one Japanese company Genepax has unvealed a car that runs on water in the western japanese city of Osaka. Using the company’s generating system, water is converted into electrical power. All you need is a litre of water – any kind of water to be exact, whether its river, rain, sea water or even japanese tea. It is said that it’s an electric powered car that runs solely on Hydrogen Dioxide


Chief Executive officer of Genepax Kiyoshi Hirasawa said, “ the main characteristic of this car is that no external input is needed. The car will continue to run as long as you have bottle of water to add in the car from time to time.”

According to Japanese broadcaster T.V Tokyo, once the water is poured into a water tank at the back of the car, the newely invented energy generator takes out the hydrogen from the water, releases electrons and finally generates electrical power.

“we highly recommend our system, since it does not require you to build up an infrastructure to recharge your batteries which is usually the case for most of the electric cars” said CEO Hirasawa.

According to Genepax, one litre of water keeps the car running for about an hour with a speed of 80 kilometers or 50 miles an hour. The company has just applied for a patent and is hoping to collaborate with japanese automobile manufacturers to mass manufacture their invention in the very near future.

Best SUVs For Off -Road Driving

For off-road driving, It is essential to determine the choice of SUV that are tougher, suit your driving style and allow excellent handling under varying terrain conditions. In the latest SUVs Continue reading “Best SUVs For Off -Road Driving” »

Some Interesting Facts of Four Wheel Drive Vehicles

Over the past several years, 4WD vehicles have evolved from a recreation to an archetypal motoring lifestyle satisfying the needs of families and businesses. 4WD vehicles offer much needed support to families that normal automobiles cannot provide. Continue reading “Some Interesting Facts of Four Wheel Drive Vehicles” »

Advantages of Buying a New 4wd Vehicle

Consumers who love 4wd vehicles have an option between buying a new one or a used one. Although there are several benefits associated with the purchase of used 4wd vehicles, but a new 4×4 vehicle has numerous major advantages over a used 4×4 vehicle. Some of the advantages of new 4×4 vehicles are as follows:

Warranty Coverage

New 4wd vehicles come with a manufacturer warranty. Only few used 4x4s offer buyers the warranty. The warranty on new 4×4 usually covers the entire vehicle which includes repairing, and mechanical and electrical servicing of various systems such as engine, transmission system, drive train, heating and cooling system and other electronic system malfunctions.

Buyers will have to spend a pretty solid amount of money on a new vehicle as compare to the used 4wd. Therefore, it is necessary and better to have the manufacturer’s warranty that covers the entire 4×4 vehicle.

Better Drivability

New 4wd vehicles offer better drivability and better handling than a used 4×4. The reason is simple, that the new 4wd vehicles usually have very low mileage. Therefore new vehicle offers high performance, including better steering and braking. A used 4wd vehicle may have many problem areas in suspension, brakes, and transmission.

With the better drivability, the new 4wd vehicles offer the buyer a more pleasing and full-power terrain experience.

Reduced Maintenance

A new 4wd vehicle comes out of the manufacturing factory fresh and strong, therefore it requires less maintenance. Some manufacturers even cover those small repair and service items. All parts of vehicle are brand new; therefore they function properly for several thousand miles without any repair and service. Reduced 4×4 maintenance also means less money to be spent on repairs and service, less down time and more time to enjoy driving the vehicle. The new 4×4 likely would not require the maintenance of new tires, a battery, exhaust system or brakes during the first several years of ownership.

A used vehicle needs maintenance and repairs far sooner than a new 4×4, and in many cases these repairs and maintenance are not covered by a warranty. These repairs include new filters, new brakes, new shocks, new wiper blades and tune-ups.

Lasts Longer

A brand new 4×4 Vehicle gives the buyer more mileage therefore lasts longer. All the major systems and parts of a new vehicle including transmission, engine, electrical system, computerized system and axles, last ten years or more for just one owner. With proper maintenance and repair, the buyer can extend the life of his vehicle.

Gleaming Look

The brand new vehicle has more gleaming look as compare to the used vehicle. Buyer may find several dents, dings and scratches on a used vehicle’s body, but it will be hard for him to find any rusty area or section on the body of a new 4wd vehicle.

The new Vehicle’s metal paint, tires and wheels look shinier than a used 4×4 that make new its buyer much prouder to be seen next to it. There will be very few used vehicles which would not have some noticeable damages, but a new one always looks richer and more power-full because of its glowing look.

Unique experience of driving 4wd Vehicle

With a unique driving experience, you will relish in the thrill of driving a 4×4 that you love because there is something amazing about your luxury 4wd vehicle. Some enthusiasts enjoy the smell of fresh leathers-seats and the sound of power-full engine. Other 4×4 lovers enjoy the visibility being higher up in a power-full 4wd Crossover as it gives better view of the road ahead.  Driving a 4×4 also gives a feeling of security, safety especially the feeling that anything can be conquered.

It’s a bit hard to describe to unique experience of driving a 4×4 because driving a much larger and much more power-full 4×4 is completely different from driving a normal motor vehicle. Drivers in a 4X4 are higher up because the 4wd Crossovers are much bigger, and high-ranking off the ground. This means that driving 4×4 in traffic can take some getting accustomed to. Many people, who love 4×4 Crossovers, have eventually agreed that being higher up provides a better vantage point for driving. This increases safety, security as well as enables the driver to see clearly what is happening around.

When you get in a 4×4, you feel a lot safer. Because of its bigger, the 4wd Crossover can handle itself better in a collision, which gives a feeling of safety to the driver as long as one is behind the wheel. There are several luxury 4×4 vehicles which possess coveted luxurious features to improve safety and performance of the vehicle. These features include air bags, surround camera systems that ensure pedestrian safety, Electronic Stability Control that keeps the vehicle’s center of gravity and Anti-lock braking systems. The bull bar in front of a lot of 4wd Crossovers helps to protect the engine if the driver hits something at “unsafe” speeds.

It is important to mention here the off-road abilities of 4×4 Crossovers. Most of the normal vehicles cannot be taken to drive on difficult terrains. With specific off-road abilities, the 4wd vehicles make off-road adventures enjoyable. Firstly, 4x4s provide safety for the adventuring attempts that you make off-road. Secondly, the 4x4s provide freedom of choice in off-road driving. There is something exciting about conquering sandy dunes and Rocky Mountains in 4wd vehicles. With some training, you may conquer many difficult off-road situations.

Finding 4×4 Dealers in Pakistan

There are numerous buyers in Pakistan who desire a luxury 4WDs and new 4×4 Crossovers. To fulfill this desire, they need to find reliable dealers. For this purpose, the buyer should first visit dealer websites as well as other specialty dealer websites offering deals online. The buyer, who wants to buy used 4×4 Crossover, will find a number of vehicles with prices from dealer websites. There are also some specific websites, which contain information on specific types of vehicles or specific models. The buyers should search online for those 4×4 dealers’ websites that offer a range of luxury crossovers, for buyer’s selection.


Buyers seeking affordability and convenience should very likely consider a used 4wd Crossover dealer that offers vehicles with low mileage at affordable prices and good maintenance records.

However, Most of used 4×4 Crossovers do not offer new features like Navigation system and premium sound systems. The buyers may simply install these devices by finding a location.

Buyers searching for new 4wd Crossovers may find new SUVs with built-in electronic stability control, alarm systems, adaptive suspension and other premium features.

How to find new 4×4 Dealers:

First determine the type of 4wd Crossover that you need to purchase. After that, thoroughly go through the dealer websites of the 4×4 vehicle you are interested in. Many dealer websites contain a list the available dealerships within specific locations.

There are some automobile websites which have online inquiry forms where buyers put the characteristics of the vehicle that they want to buy. Many new 4×4 Crossovers with detailed information are presented based upon the search criteria. The buyers then may select the vehicle among available options and then may set up a meeting with the dealer for negotiations.

How to find Used 4×4 Dealers:

It’s a bit hard to locate a used 4×4 dealer. Using search engine, the buyer may find the most relevant used 4×4 dealer. A list of 4×4 dealer websites will appear. Some of the dealers will be dealing in specific 4×4 Crossover models, and others will be offering a range of 4wd Crossovers. As various websites offer deals on a range of luxury vehicles, but select the dealerships that focus on one type of vehicle because they usually have better deals. However, consider both to find the affordable price on the 4×4 that you desire.


There are many 4×4 dealers for people who are searching for 4wd Crossovers. The buyers must determine first what they need before looking for the 4×4 dealer to save time at the dealership. Buyers who go to the dealership prepared may receive a better deal with reasonable price.

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