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How to Drift Using E-brake

Some Luxurious Features of Latest 4wd Vehicles

There is range of luxury 4wd vehicles which are available in the market for the 4wd enthusiasts. People, seeking a luxury 4×4 vehicle, desire a 4×4 that not only allows excellent handling under difficult terrain condition but also offers premium features to meet the challenges. Some of the sophisticated features that buyers want in luxury 4wd vehicles are; efficient fuel economy, comfortable interior, full-surround camera system, Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and large storage capacity.


Numerous luxury 4wd vehicles have received international awards due to their premium features, great design and high performance in the luxury SUVs line-up. A safe luxury 4×4 Vehicle possesses the features like full-surround camera system that provides driver a virtual picture of the vehicle and its surroundings to ensure the safety of the pedestrians, and Electronic Stability Control (ESC) that enhances the stability of the vehicle. Some other safety features such as Anti-lock Braking System, are also added to enhance the safety of the vehicle.

Interior Comfort

Luxury 4×4 Vehicles with heated leather seats are appreciated by SUV buyers. Most of the luxury sport utility vehicles offer more interior capacity and can easily accommodate up-to eight or more passengers. Many luxury SUVs also feature split-folding seats which allow for quick reconfiguration to accommodate extra storage.

Efficient Fuel Economy

Efficient fuel economy has never been the hallmark of luxury 4wd vehicles. Generally, these vehicles are considered a poor fuel economy class. However, there are many new SUV models like compact sport utility vehicles which give efficient fuel economy and are safer for the environment. To improve the fuel economy, there is also hybrid option on some new sport utility vehicles.

Electronic Features

Ergonomically manufactured luxury SUVs offer a variety of electronic features which are put in place for easy access. Many luxurious 4wd vehicles come equipped with features like GPS navigational system which helps us locate points of interest while driving through different places, iPod docking station that fills the vehicle’s atmosphere with crisp, deep, lifelike stereo sound and phone docking station which allows hands-free conversations. Most of these features are controlled from voice-recognition system. The best luxury SUVs have large electronic displays for ease of read and large buttons that are easy to use and reach while driving.

High Performance

With advanced suspension technology and powerful engines, the luxury 4wd vehicles can ride on any terrains, whether on-road or off-road. From braking to control each aspect of luxury SUVs is designed to ensure the high performance of the vehicle on even terrains. Steering Sensitivity is another premium feature that many luxury 4wd vehicles possess to meet the on-road or off-road challenges.


Overall, Buyers will enjoy the comfort and advanced features offered in the luxury 4wd vehicles class. The premium features often justify high price that often accompanies these vehicles. Buyers, searching 4×4 Vehicle combined with premium features of SUV, may get the new luxury 4wd Vehicle to bring their dream into reality.

Jeep – An ideal vehicle for off-road adventure

Jeep has always been an ideal vehicle for off-road adventures. Selecting the best Jeep for off road terrains is quite a difficult task because within the Jeep line-up there is a range of sport vehicles to choose from.

4×4 Jeeps offer exceptional performance off-road as compare to the paved roads. Driving through the mud, sand, gravel or rock crawling are most favourite activities of off-road daredevils. These challenges require modifications of 4wd Jeeps for higher clearances. In mud-racing or mud-running, drivers aim to drive Jeeps through pit of mud as far as possible without getting stuck down in the mud hole. Desert Safari or Dune bashing challenges driver to beat up the sand with the 4×4 Crossover. These are just some of the sports you may enjoy with a Jeep.

The CJ-7 (Civilian Jeeps) offer beginner 4×4 enthusiasts to easily navigate rough roads. These 4×4 Jeeps are well know for their All Wheel Drive automatic transmission system that allows all four wheels to move together for better traction and power. The later model of these Jeeps like Renegade and Laredo had vast improvements which centred on more comfort and much better handling characteristics. The CJ-7 is still loved for mud-racing as well as for rock crawling.

Another excellent Jeep for off-road terrains is the Jeep Wrangler. This compact 4wd sport utility vehicle brought back the famous World War II Jeep style. Debuted in the late 80’s, this jeep has been revised many times till 2010. Its every model i.e. YJ, TJ, LJ and JK, has received distinct designation. Like the CJ models, the Wrangler also has a live axle system that allows excellent handling. Introduced in 2003, the Jeep TJ Wrangler Rubicon was specifically built with the off-roader in mind. This jeep offered over ten inches of ground clearance and featured front and rear Dana 44 axles, low range transfer case and 31 inch tires.

4×4 Jeeps are easier to adapt or lift for off-road driving as compare to other sport SUVs. Along with the features like narrow body, small size frame and short wheel base, the Jeep is also equipped with a roll-bar for safety and bigger tires for traction and power which make it the best vehicle for every off-road enthusiast who wants to get in the mud or sand. The Jeeps also feature removable doors and top which is of great interest for 4×4 enthusiasts.

To select an ideal Jeep that meets every off-road challenge, just make certain that the vehicle has the name Jeep attached to it. The Jeep is always ready to fight fires in difficult terrain conditions.

4×4 Recovery Principles

When driving off-road, 4×4 enthusiasts may experience many obstacles that make their expedition more challenging and memorable. However, to effectively overcome the hurdles and for successful recovery of 4×4, they should follow some basic principles as mentioned below.

Mind Soundness

One of the most important parts of 4×4 Driving is ensuring that you can help yourself when your 4×4 get stuck in certain situations. Mind Soundness is essential to get yourself as well as vehicle out of the trouble. Don’t lose it when you face any challenging conditions.

Recovery Equipment

You should have all the essential recovery equipments. Never attempt to recover a vehicle without all the necessary equipment. Time is very important to secure vehicle therefore make sure to store the recovery equipment for fast accession. To avoid any damage, do not use the recovery equipment if you don’t know how to use it. The normal recovery equipments are: Glove, Snatch Strap, Tree trunk protector, Bow or D Shackle, Tree Savers/Chokers, Snatch Block, Hi-lift jack, Ground Anchor.

Knowledge of Recovery Techniques

To drive a vehicle off road requires a complete recovery skill set including correct means of handling a vehicle recovery. To ensure the smooth recovery without severe damage on 4×4, you should have a sound knowledge of the recovery techniques. Never cut any corners at recovery, otherwise you will end up doing additional work anyway and will have made the job tougher by initially attempting to save time and effort. Recovery equipments may become a lethal weapon if safety and the correct recovery techniques are compromised.

Safety First

First thing is to always remember safety. Maintain everything in good working and clean order. Always read and understand the instructions with recovery equipment and don’t use it if it’s damaged in any way. Also examine surrounding conditions and make certain by-standers stay clear and out of the way incase something does go wrong.

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