Fuel Efficiency Tips for your 4×4 vehicle

The rising fuel prices are driving people away from using 4×4 vehicles, which are notorious for low fuel economy. And many 4×4 enthusiasts, who are not willing to get rid of their 4wd, buy a fuel efficient car for their daily driving duties.

It’s true that everyone can’t afford a 4×4 vehicle. However if desired, other options can be explored like efficient fuel economy.

Increasing fuel efficiency in your 4×4 vehicle can come from many areas. Some helpful tips to increase fuel economy can be found below.

4wd Shifting and Engaging

4wd Shifting refers to the shifting up or down according to the type of terrains. It also refers to the engaging all-wheel drive and disengaging it.  Always engage all-wheel drive when driving on paved roads, it will reduce fuel economy and you may feel like your 4×4 is on railroad tracks. You can engage 4WD drive as long as you are going at slow speed. Don’t engage all-while drive when you drive at fast speed, because it may break anything.

Drive Slow and Steady

Maintain a constant slow speed when driving in difficult terrains. Don’t keep spinning the tires once you stuck because it will just waste your fuel and create more problems such as it may prevent tires from gaining friction. Use low gears to drive through mud holes. This strategy will save your fuel and will help to remove your vehicle from mud holes.

Keep Engine tuned up

Keeping vehicle’s engine in tune is an important factor in fuel economy. A vehicle’s engine consists of great number of parts which function together to keep your 4×4 running and there are many of them which can have an impact on fuel efficiency. Use only authentic spare parts for the replacement of older parts such as plugs, filters etc because even a misfiring spark plug can reduce fuel mileage. Regularly change the engine oil and use synthetic oil or synthetic blend oil because these engine oils provide much better viscosity performance and are better for high stability.

Choosing the right tires

The selection of tires can play an important role in the fuel efficiency. For highway and casual off-road use, All Terrain tires are well-suited because they are all-purpose tires and offer better fuel mileage as well as strong handling in moderate off-road conditions.

Mud terrain tires are perfect for hardcore off-road enthusiasts, who drive on dirt track and mud pits. However, Mud tires are not meant to even touch the paved-road because more aggressive tread on pavement enhances rolling resistance to put more of the tire on the road-surface. This may be good off-road, but it creates a severe reduction in fuel efficiency as a result of improper energy transfer between tires and the ground.

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