How to shoot 4×4 vehicles?

Tips for taking Best Pictures when 4×4 Enthusiasts show their Toys

4wd Events or adventures where 4×4 enthusiasts experience their vehicles are great places for photographing rare or unusual 4×4 vehicles. Often owners hide them in garages and only take them out on special occasion.

Here are a few pointers that can help make the most of the opportunities with your digital camera.


Polarizing Filter

If your camera allows the use of filters, buy a polarizing filter. A polarizer is quite an essential tool that minimizes glare and reflections, increases color saturation, and can improve contrast. To adjust different angles of reflected light, the polarizer contains a special glass element which is rotated to produce the desire amount of glare reduction to suit every situation.

By using a polarizing filter, you can control the reflections, and take the pics of the scenes / actions / events that we don’t see everyday.


Wide Angle Lenses

There are normally many participants at a good enthusiasts’ 4×4 event. To accommodate the numbers of participants organizers tend to park all the 4x4s close together, which makes photography of individual vehilces difficult.

The use of a wide-angle lens helps the photographers to get different perspectives by getting close to a vehicle. As the focal length gets shorter, there may be a bit distortion of perspective. However, this may emphasize of vehicles’ shapes. In this way, this technique really helps to make the vehicle jump out of the frame.

A wide angle lens is also helpful at those concours events, where there is not a lot of room to maneuver, and you want to get close to the 4×4 vehicle to eliminate people and other distractions.


Explore all angles:

Explore all the angles and think from what angle you may get the good, dramatic action shot. A single great shot is much better than hundreds of mediocre shots.




Having enough light is a problem even serious professional contend with all the time. Natural light is always better to take a picture; try to make a right-angled triangle between your camera, the vehicle and the sun to bring out contrast, depth and shadow.






Shutter Speed:

4×4 Vehicles give us the thrill and sensation of speed. Keep your camera’s shutter speed enough to capture the actions.

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