Know About 4×4’s

A 4×4 is a vehicle where all four of the wheels are driven by the engine, instead of just two. 2WD means that only the 2 rear tyres move when the transmission is engaged and FWD means that only the front of the vehicle’s tyres move when transmission is engaged.

4×4 vehicles are pros at handling demanding and rough terrain, and that is the number one reason why they are bought. It performs better than most vehicles on tough terrains because of the torque that is sent to all four wheels, giving it better traction and control. The benefits of driving a 4-by-4 vehicle will be determined by your living area: unless you are an outdoor person living in the city and taking the family on a camping trip over weekends, it is useless getting a SUV. If you live on a farm, however, getting a 4-by-4 is perfect simply because it is driving a normal, light weight vehicle on dusty, dirty farm roads is not an option.

A light weight, small, city car will cost you less than what a FWD SUV will cost you, for obvious reasons, so make sure that your budget allows a monthly installment of the car you want before purchasing; you don’t want to enter a difficult financial situation. The features of a vehicle like a 4-by-4 will also increase your car insurance policy premium considerably, seeing that they are often used to climb up small hills, so make sure of your premium increase first. These vehicles are also used as Rally cars due to their great safety and stability features.

Also look at the area you live in before purchasing a 4×4. It is unusual to pay more money for something that you will barely use. You might as well save the money and buy something cheaper that gives you the same performance and are used for the same things. If you live on a farm, however, an SUV or FWD vehicle will be the best choice.

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