International Racing Teams Of Pakistan

Pakistani’s have been proudly representing the innate brilliance of our country men in various field all over the world for decades. Finally, this holds true for the multibillion $ Motorsport industry. This page is to raise the toast for our Pakistani brothers bringing recognition and respect to our country in the racing world.

World-Renowned International Racing Teams from Pakistan:

Ali Motor Sports (Driver: Nur Ali)

Nur Ali the pioneer of motorsports racing in Pakistan and his brother set up Ali Motorsports In 2000.


Khan Motor Sports (Driver: Adam Khan)

Adam Khan is the famous British racing driver from a Pakistani family, from Bridlington, Yorkshire who represents Pakistan in the A1 Grand Prix series.


Pakistan Express Racing Team:

Pakistan Express Racing Team was established in 2008 and the team competes in the NASA Performance Touring series in the Great Lakes and Midwest regions.

The team’s mission is to raise awareness of motor sports in and to bring the excitement of motor racing to Pakistan.

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